Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beware! Dreams can be recorded now!

What if dreams could be recorded on a video...!
By: Rajbir Deswal
Once dreams were recorded, we could even have a modern-day Sigmund Freud set to work on them
How nice it would be if we could record a dream on video!
A patent for a dream recorder, please
I read somewhere, and now I forget where, that ideas are invited to go into a science fiction bank. Here is my idea. I’d like to patent it.

Imagine what it might be, if dreams could be recorded! How revealing it might be, to be able to see the murderer plotting his crime in his head, even as he sleeps.

I could have seen the man plot the murder of my client-yes, I work as a lawyer-and perhaps the dream could also be used as evidence of sorts in court?

A dream recorder might serve as evidence of intention, as the murderer had been plotting away his path to riches.

How nice it would be if we could record a dream on video! So what if the dreams were dreamt by a jaundiced eye, and were recorded in a device not usually used for such a purpose. These could be used as arguments against using dreams in the courtroom.

The science fiction idea could be grabbed by people in research and development in a technology firm, and who knows? It might well someday become a reality.

Was not the cellphone or the TV an idea before the reality? And who, living a few centuries ago, might have imagined them possible? Dream interpreters would lose their jobs, if my idea became reality.

Some people might go hiding, putting the videos in ‘safe custody’ so that others would not have access to them-for obvious reasons, you see!

Some dreamers would sleep under showers, to not let a single wet dream make it into the recorder? Still others who stumble on hidden treasures might seek police protection for all their wealth.

The Dream Recorder would come with user-friendly devices. Like auto-start of equipment at specific points in the dream, auto-off where the dreamer treads slippery territory.

Conferencing while recording dreams, so people could interact while at it, could also be considered. If the dream is an enjoyable one for the viewer (and I mean not the dreamer but his audience), its time could be extended.

If the dream is particularly unpleasant or erotic, the device could insert a warning: ‘unfit for toddlers’.

Once dreams were recorded, we could even have a modern-day Sigmund Freud set to work on them: what depths of psychological insight could be gleaned, from recurring images in dreams!

The role of snakes and spiders, of fire and water could be ascertained, if they reveal patterns.

Why are some people always late? And why do some people dream of examinations? What does it mean, when you dream that you are left alone in a jungle?

Why are you running in a dream? And why do you suddenly realise that you’re barefoot? Where did the clothes go? Why are you suddenly all in the raw?

ll these and more could be revealed, statistically and with scientific precision.

Dreams are not to be dismissed. Holy scriptures are replete with instances when dreams have foretold what was still to be.

Did not Caesar disregard the warning about the ides of March? “He is a dreamer. Let us leave him. Pass,” he had said, without letting the warning mean anything at all.

So here you are now, at the end of my dream! The dream of Rajbir Deswal.

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